Entering a Giveaway...Again!

Entering a Giveaway.... Again! Here


Entering a SOOC Contest!

Here is my entry :) One of my favorites ever!

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picture heavy post!

here are some pictures that i've taken recently. basically my life consists of: watching soccer games (my brother's season ended last weekend, but we have some friends who play college soccer) school and school and starting next week basketball! 

My brother's Andre, Ravi and our friend Diego at our friend's (Gerardo) soccer game

i don't know why, but I really like this picture! maybe it's the bokeh?

some of my favorite people :)

i like this one too!


i know it's really grainy, but i really like this picture

we live next door to a graveyard and I happen to think graveyards are really neat!

i'm currently obsessing over taking pictures of water droplets :)


my kitty! that btw doesn't have a name, and never will it's simply 'Kitty'


and here's more pictures of water droplets :)
by the way in case you hadn't noticed, i'm currently obsessing over no capitals!


So Happy!

So I entered a contest on this blog the other day. The subject was 'Light'. I happened to win 1st place! Very excited!!!
Annnddd here's the picture: