My Weekend and Week so far

So Friday night I had a friend over and we watched "Soul Surfer" I love that movie that was the first time I watched it :) it was really good!

The we stayed up really late and did our nails and talked about nothin' in particular ;)

Yesterday I started Spanish class it's every Monday and Wednesday.
And that's all I've been doing this week(end)
What about you guys?




Here is my first attempt at making something on Polyvore.
I would never wear this, because its just not my style. I
like it on other people, just not me :)


Change of Plans....for the better :)

Summer is for..... Spur of the moment plans

So me and my mom didn't go on the backroads to take pictures again....because some good friends of ours and us decided we should have supper together :) but they only stayed until 10pm not there usual 12pm cause it was a weekday. And today we didn't do school :) but we made cookies, sugar cookies

But here's a picture that makes me happy to look at :)

Hope ya'll are having as good of a day as me
But I doubt that's possible ;)

Much Love,


Country Roads and My Backyard Pictures

Okay here they are :) I just took these in my backyard and once I had already loaded them on the computer I realized I probably should've removed the metal tag lol

And here are the back road ones :) Everytime I bike back there I always think of the song "Take a Back Road" by Rodney Atkins :)

My mom is taking me again tonight and so expect some more tomorrow :)



Country Roads and My Backyard

Went around in my backyard and messed around with my camera. The drove around our country roads and took pictures. Going again tomorrow night :) Thanks mom for driving ;) Will post pictures tomorrow

Much Love,


We started school this week. It nice to have a set schedule now 

Last Saturday was my brother AndrĂ©'s 12th Birthday 

Sunday we had some families over. They have four really cute kids :)
Bryce :)
That evening we went on a walk and got rained on :) Then came home and sat on our front porch and watched it rain. After the rain stopped we saw parts of the trees turn orange very slowly and then fade back to green. I think the whole show lasted about 5 minutes. 
This was at it's orangest
Last night my family played volleyball and soccer and ate really yummy food :)

And today we have cleaned and I'm working on my blog. Designing and redesigning lol. I like to do that but I don't know is it annoying for y'all when it changes so much? 

And later today some friends are coming over :)

What have you done so far this Saturday

Much Love


My Day...So far

Well today I went on a bike ride with two friends, I took some pictures of...nail polish lol, and as you can see designed and redesigned my blog :) and that's about it


Awesome Givaway over at Craftelicious

Hey you guys Crictutbug-Marie is having a awesome givaway over at her blog Craftelicious


So Go check it out you won't want to miss it :)


Monday Randomness

I'm starting school next week! I'm not sure if I'm excited or not :P 
Okay so with my 4-H stuff I got Champion in 7th grade and 2nd Reserve for my division. So that is third places out of 87 people! :) 
This was taken with my phone so it's a little blurry :(
 This morning I went with my mom to VCA to talk with the art teacher there and the homeschool art teachers and we discussed what project we are going to do this upcoming semester. Aaannd... I need to be the guinea pig so I get to try out the art projects and they are AWESOME! Very exciting.
This week mom is canning chicken, making granola, pancake mixes, muffins and some other stuff for this school year. And I have to help out : /
 One of these days when I have a lot of time I'm going to post parts 2,3 and 4 of my Colorado trip lol. 

                         My summer has included a lot of these :)

Thursday my family went to the fair with some good friends and we had a blast. And sadly I didn't get very many pictures neither did my mom :(

And that is my random ramblings :)

Much Love,