I'll Smile

"some say with age that a purpose comes clear
i see the opposite happening here
are we losing the fight?
are we growing backward in time?"
- the avett brothers

Today I was looking over some pictures that never made it into my "Photography Folder 2012" and yet I couldn't muster up the courage to push the delete button. With all these pictures there is something a little 'off' with. Blurry, no subject, mis-focused, over-saturated, or maybe grainy. Yet there's something about these pictures that makes it difficult- even impossible to part with them. Maybe it's the memory that flashes through your mind while looking at the photo. Perhaps it's the feeling or emotion that drifts over you as you glance at the 'mistake' picture. It's almost like I have a bond with all my photos- as odd as that may sound. So into a new folder they go.. The "Undeletables" and there they shall stay until someday I stumble across them again. I'll remember those happy moments again and feel those warm, fuzzy emotions all over again. And I'll smile.

Much love - Talia


Lemon+Orange Cupcakes

Cupcakes: 1 cake mix (orange) + 1 box of lemon pudding. Mix according to instructions on box and just dump the pudding in, no extra instructions for that.

Frosting: 1 package of cream cheese room temp. 1 stick of butter, room temp as well. 1 Tbsp of vanilla and 3-4 cups of powdered sugar.

Beat cream cheese on Med-High speed until completely smooth. Add butter and mix them together until it is fluffy. Next add the vanilla. Lastly add the powdered sugar slowly until it reaches your desired consistency.

{source for frosting}

Then frost cooled cupcakes. Eat and enjoy!

Much love.


Ignore this.

This is just a test. Ignore this.

Drivin' Round Town

this may not be my town, but it'll do for now
'til i figure out who i am, where i'm goin' 
wide open - jason aldean

This house makes me smile.

Almost fair week!

I don't know why, but I really like taking pictures of my converse..

Yesterday mom and I went to town to run a few errands in this sweltering heat. I had my camera with me so when we left for town I just took that along. I snapped a few pictures on our way to town aha.

I like this place where I live. I struggle with the desire to move away and go exploring and adventuring a lot. But since I can't right now and we're here for the time being I can honestly say, I like it. It took a bit of an adjustement moving from Indianapolis to here.. I've gotten used to it and I really like the backroads and the little itty bit of 'small town' vibe that we all get here.

It brings out the country|southern side of me. Especially in the summer, I don't know what it is.. Maybe it's the sun shining, fair season, babysitting for farmers and listening to country music all day? I don't know but I really really like that feeling. It's a happy feeling. It's a simple happiness, and if you know me well enough you'll know I crave simplicity.

Anywho, enough with my ramblings.. How's ya'lls week been?

Much love.

Heart Bokeh

I really really love Pinterest! I saw this really cool tutorial on how to make heart bokeh and I decided I would give it a go. I love it, its heaps of fun! Still mastering it but I like what I've been able to get so far :)

Tutorial here

Much love.



Trying out the free trial right now and if I like it 100% I'm buying it today!! Eeep! So excited xD


Happy 4th of July

This Week I Have..

Early yesterday morning some of our friends and us went blueberry picking.

And then we went to our home and we girls watched our brothers fail Mario Bros multiple times on the Wii. Later our moms had a great idea and we went to a new mexican restaraunt. It was a good day.

Today we cleaned all morning and I took a nap and when I woke up Mom and Dad had made

When I was about seven years old Dad started a 'tradition' of sorts for our family. We make doughnuts once or twice a year and they're super yummy and special. They're the only doughnuts that I'll eat. I don't know the recipie or I would share it with ya'll.

Much love.


my weekend thus far

Saturday was an awesome saturday. I woke up late, wore pj's for the majority of the morning. Slept from 12-4  -It was a lovely, much needed nap- ate grilled steaks courtesy of my dad, then we all went outside and played volleyball then took a short walk in the neighboring graveyard. As we walked and talked we decided we would play hide-n-seek in the graveyard like old times. After a few rounds, fireworks started exploding around us. Dad had a brilliant idea so we climbed onto our roof for a better view of the fireworks. So there we stayed for a while, enjoying the much cooler weather, the view and eachother. Then we remembered about our pumpkin pie, lemon sponge pie and peanut butter pie awaiting us inside the house. We all scrambled down as safely as we could and went inside to eat our pie and celebrate that none of us were injured while adventuring the highest peaks of our house. What did you do yesterday?

Today we had some friends over for a bible study and now we are all just sitting around eagerly awaiting 1:30 when the Euro 2012 champion game begins. Lets go Spain! I dont know what the rest of the plans are for today but I have a feeling it will be a good day. How's your weekend going?

Much love.