!!! So Excited !!!

    So so excited!!! I got A, Honorable Mention, Champion (in my age level) and Reserve-Something. I'll post the more specifics but I kinda forgot what they all were. I never possibly hoped that I would get that! Now on a not so exciting part my drawing didn't do so well. I didn't really put my all in it like I did last year when I got Champion. So I got B.
    So my day was pretty great. Had a blast with friends playing soccer. It. was. hot! But we just all stank together lol.
    Today should be another awesome day! Gonna have some good friends over! And it's Saturday :) So how was your week ?


10 more minutes!!!

    Well today is Friday. Just in case you didn't know :P Today at 10:00am I'll be able to go to the 4-H Exhibit building and see what ribbons I got on my Photography and Drawing!!! 10 more minutes!!! =D
    I'm babysitting Kaden an adorable 3yr old lil boy I'll post pictures of him soon.
    At 1:00 my mom has a prayer group and they will bring their kids and we hang out and play soccer :P and from 2-5 we will have "Soccer Day" where any homeschooler kids can come and we play soccer. Anyways that's a glance at my boring life


Colorado Part 1

    Okay here is part one of my Colorado trip.
On our way to Cañon City, we visited "Garden of the God's" it was beautiful.

This Mountain was Called "Kissing Camels"

Later we saw some mountain sheep. That was really neat. 

And André fell. Not.
My whole family

And that was my visit to the Garden of the Gods :)
                      You should be seeing part 2-4 of my CO trip soon
                     And my Blogger wouldn't let my signature work so...



    Hey y'all sorry it's been so long. I got back from Colorado, Monday and I've been tired and haven't got around to posting anything. I tried to post when I was down in CO but it didn't work. So my plan is I'm going to write 4 posts about Colorado separating them by events because I have a lot of pictures :)
    Anyways we have two brooding hens right now and yesterday the one hens eggs started hatching so far three of them have hatched! I do not like chickens but it is kinda cool to watch them hatch :)
    So you can look for my Colorado posts soon.
    As you can see I have re-did my blog background and such. Tell me what you think :)


My Day ~Tuesday~

     So today I had an Orthodontist Appointment : /. Not a fan of those lol. I'll probably be getting braces by the end of the month or beginning of August. Tomorrow I'm going to Colorado for 5 days so we'll be getting back Sunday. I'm bringing the camera so hopefully I'll get lots of good pictures!!! I finally got all of my 4-H stuff all ready. So when we get back from Colorado it'll be already to take to the fairgrounds! 

                      Here is my Artwork. It's a drawing of my German Shepherd puppy "Buela"

The weather outside this evening was beautiful so I grabbed my camera and went and took some shots :)

This is our dog "Pompey" :)

Our newest member of our "zoo" her name is "Buela"
And here is some random froggie my younger brother found and so I took some pictures of him .

Anyways...that was my day :)

Tryin' some other ideas

So here's a picture I took  couple weeks ago at the beach. I was just trying out a little bit of creative artsy pictures instead of just telling stories with my pictures. Comment and tell me what you think :)


Hey Everybody! I'm Natalia and this is my first blog ever. I love Photography so I'll post my pictures and yeah...