peanut butter crumb pie.

A simple recipe.
Crust: Just use your normal recipe or a frozen one you have.
Filling: Vanilla pudding from a box.
Topping: Cool whip.
Crumbs: Half powdered sugar half peanut butter. Stir with fork until they're crumbed.
Assembly: Put half of the crumbs at the bottom. Spoon in pudding and even it out. Spread cool whip over the pudding. Sprinkle the rest of the crumbs over the top and enjoy!


My Weekend Plans

Yes or No?

Yes or no? 
Please excuse my posing. Modeling isn't my forte in life thats one thing i can say with confidence. The lighting because I took it at night in my basement haha. I'm currently broadening my closet selection. Trying to wear things that aren't either black, grey, white, Nike or Adidas.. 
What do ya'll think?

p.s. My hair isnt that red.

Just a picture and a quote.

Thinking on these things recently..

 Dont hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love. 
Some of the most draining emotions are those with negative connotations, such as anger, hurt or pain. Holding on to these emotions for long amounts of time may mean that you tire more quickly, and are only able to give focus to love and the rest of your life for the moments that you aren't feeling emotionally drained from being angry, and being hurt.

Instead of letting a bad situation get you down, you must learn to make the best out of this bad situation. Take the memory of why you are angry, or why you are hurting on the inside and try to understand it to better your life. Use the memory of your pain to help deter you from situations that will cause you similar heartbreak in the future, because sure enough if you allow similar people and similar situations to creep back into your life they most certainly will. 


I've Been Thinking..

I'm not the person I wish I was. Sometimes I feel so happy and content and feel as I'd everything is going great. Other times -such as now- I feel discontent. Like the sea, I'm constantly changing from calm to ill. I feel lost. I feel confused. I feel homesick for a place that doesn't even exist. When I think about what I really want or what I feel 'homesick' for, I can't come up with an answer. That leaves me even more bewildered, confused and discontent.

Of course there are always those days when I feel good. My journal will have lyrics like this written in it,

"Today the sun is shinin' on me
Sitting with my feet in the breeze
Ain't sweating the little things
And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring
But today, the sun, shinin' on me"

But other days it contains,

"I lose myself in all these fights
I lose my sense of wrong and right
I cry, I cry
It's shaking from the pain that's in my head
I just wanna crawl into my bed"

Sometimes I'll have both of those entries in one day. Even, half hour apart.

What am I looking for? I don't know, all I know is where I'm looking it probably isn't where it's at. I am truly trying to focus on what I am thankful for, not what I wish was different. I am truly trying to focus on what I like about myself, instead of comparing myself to others who "have it all". We're all unique, I need to remember that more often. Just because words, music or sports aren't my strong points in life doesn't mean I'm not special. I have gifts and talents no matter how hidden they might be.

I'm also focusing on the one word, simple. I like simplicity, I crave it. But it's not simple to simply create simplicity. I want to declutter everything! My personal spaces, my style, my mental life, my emotional life, my schedule.. More on that topic later.

There are so many thoughts swirling in my head at the moment. Sorry for the rambling ha!

Much love.


the "meltdown"

the supplies - hot melt glue gun - glue sticks - crayons (i used two 24 packs) - canvas - hair dryer

i sorted them into rainbow-ish order

and glued them on two at a time

The crew helping me out

then with the hair dryer we slowly went over sections until they started dripping. it was actually pretty fast!

taking turns melting the crayons

the finished project.

i'm going to make a mini one for myself to hang in my room but this one is going to my sister.

much love,

I Made This..

..Tape art.

Tutorial found here

I'm finally getting a start on decorating my bare bedroom. I have one wall that I'm planning on making into a collage of sorts. Im hanging my guitar, some artwork and framed photography of mine. I'll post pictures as it comes along



Black and White Photoshoot

meet anna. 
on saturday i went to a 4-H photography workship. saturday's topic was black and white. we got the privelige of having this young girl pose and model for us. she's a natural, i love her big eyes and dimples. i had a lot of fun taking pictures of her.

Much love,