What camera + lens do you use?

I use my Nikon D3100 and the 18-55mm lens is my most used, except while photographing sports, then I use my 55-200mm lens.

How do you edit your photos?

I mostly use the iPhoto editing software that's on my moms Macbook. I also have Lightroom 4, but haven't taken the time to fully understand it yet.

Do you want to pursue Photography as a career?

No I don't. I've gone through some times where yes that's what I wanted to do.. But it's not my passion. I'm currently thinking a career in design of some sort.

Did you do your own blog design, or who did it?

I did it, don't laugh, or do, it's ok (;

Will you do a guest post on my blog or interview you?

I'd love to do that! Just send me an email (:

Will you do a button swap with me?

Sure! Just check my sponsor tab for more information (:

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