My Day ~Tuesday~

     So today I had an Orthodontist Appointment : /. Not a fan of those lol. I'll probably be getting braces by the end of the month or beginning of August. Tomorrow I'm going to Colorado for 5 days so we'll be getting back Sunday. I'm bringing the camera so hopefully I'll get lots of good pictures!!! I finally got all of my 4-H stuff all ready. So when we get back from Colorado it'll be already to take to the fairgrounds! 

                      Here is my Artwork. It's a drawing of my German Shepherd puppy "Buela"

The weather outside this evening was beautiful so I grabbed my camera and went and took some shots :)

This is our dog "Pompey" :)

Our newest member of our "zoo" her name is "Buela"
And here is some random froggie my younger brother found and so I took some pictures of him .

Anyways...that was my day :)

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