My trip to El-Salvador

These last eleven days were spent in El-Salvador. my dad is from there. (i'm half salvadoranian) and we still have family down there. we go about once or twice a year. we haven't had a family reunion for about four years so we decided now would be a good time to get the whole family together.

The first four days we spent at a beach house by the beach (no joke!) with the whole family. i didnt spend a lot of the time in the ocean, well nobody really did. we spent the majority of our time at a safe part of the ocean a sort of lagoon. one of our friends from down there has a jet ski that they let us use :) that was definitely a huge highlight of my trip. we also got to wakeboard!
my dad

me wakeboarding :D

Here are a few pictures

here is just part of it. i'll post some more later. 


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