We started school this week. It nice to have a set schedule now 

Last Saturday was my brother André's 12th Birthday 

Sunday we had some families over. They have four really cute kids :)
Bryce :)
That evening we went on a walk and got rained on :) Then came home and sat on our front porch and watched it rain. After the rain stopped we saw parts of the trees turn orange very slowly and then fade back to green. I think the whole show lasted about 5 minutes. 
This was at it's orangest
Last night my family played volleyball and soccer and ate really yummy food :)

And today we have cleaned and I'm working on my blog. Designing and redesigning lol. I like to do that but I don't know is it annoying for y'all when it changes so much? 

And later today some friends are coming over :)

What have you done so far this Saturday

Much Love

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