Monday Randomness

I'm starting school next week! I'm not sure if I'm excited or not :P 
Okay so with my 4-H stuff I got Champion in 7th grade and 2nd Reserve for my division. So that is third places out of 87 people! :) 
This was taken with my phone so it's a little blurry :(
 This morning I went with my mom to VCA to talk with the art teacher there and the homeschool art teachers and we discussed what project we are going to do this upcoming semester. Aaannd... I need to be the guinea pig so I get to try out the art projects and they are AWESOME! Very exciting.
This week mom is canning chicken, making granola, pancake mixes, muffins and some other stuff for this school year. And I have to help out : /
 One of these days when I have a lot of time I'm going to post parts 2,3 and 4 of my Colorado trip lol. 

                         My summer has included a lot of these :)

Thursday my family went to the fair with some good friends and we had a blast. And sadly I didn't get very many pictures neither did my mom :(

And that is my random ramblings :)

Much Love,


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