oh man we were livin', sittin' there reminiscin'
yeah, we sang and talked and traveled back in time
we laughed until we cried
we laughed until we cried - jason aldean

On Sunday I got back from a short vacation to Southern Indiana. We went to Holiday World for most of Friday to celebrate my brother's 13th birthday. Then for supper we drove an hour to go visit some old friends of ours. We've known them since I was 2-ish, so for about 12-ish years or so. We always have a lot of fun together. Always a bunch of "-remember when..", a lot've laughing and singing going on. Anyways on Saturday we were sorta bored, ok we were a lot bored so out of desperation we came up with a crazy idea. Although, it didnt turn out crazy, it turned out amazing (in my opinion) I'll let ya'll be the judge..

That right there was created in like 2ish hours? We quickly decided a song, recorded Brooke. Bethany and I chose her outfits and did her hair and makeup and off we went to record. We did it all on my iPod touch. I was surprised at how good it turned out. I mean the recording, I wasnt surprised with her singing skills, my bestie has talent ;) 

Her and her sister both have amazing voices but Bethany didn't sing this time. Anyways I hope ya'll like it. We had a blast making it! 

But, now that I've gotten a small taste of videography, Im hooked. So we'll see how long this little interest lasts..

Much love.

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