Three weeks- I can.not wait.

everyday someone asks me what's my story and what do i like to do
and everyday, for the most part, i only go so far; i almost never tell the truth
'cause the truth is behind me there's not much, to give up, i like simple, not complicated
small town kid - eli young band

I just arrived home this afternoon from Arkansas. I spent a week with my favorite aunt and we just hung out, shopped, sewed, ate good food, talked and visited with some of my other cousins. I had fun. 
But now all I feel like doing is sleeping, in my bedroom, surrounded by silence. But oh I can't. We have two college guys using it for the next few days. 
Tomorrow we leave for a mini vacation to visit some old friends. Next week we start school. Then, finally, after three weeks I shall be reunited with my bed. 
I can.not wait!

Much love.


  1. Ohh...I love that truck! I have always wanted to buy one like that (of course when I learn how to drive) :) Your doing such a lovely job in photography! I bet your missing your bed! I know how that is... When did you really start liking photography?



    1. Isn't adorable? I love the style and color and it was so asdfghjkl; I think I embarrassed my cousin with my picture taking of it aha. Awh thanks that's so kind of you. I was but the bed and I reunited Sunday night ;)) Uhm I've always been intrigued with it since I was a little kid and I'd use my mommas tiny point and shoot and even before then her film camera. But it wasn't until three years ago that I really started enjoying it a lot and getting more serious about it