Awkward/Awesome Thursday

This picture.. AWKWARD


1.) Attempting to hold a sheet of paper still so the kid I babysit could show off his "karate" skills and slice the paper. Instead I drop it three times before holding it steady.

2.) Having the four year old boy you babysit ask if my shirt is new. "Yeah it is." I told him while thinking, "Awh how cute he noticed." He pointed to my shirt and said "Thought so." I looked down and realize that the itty bitty size sticker is still on it.

3.) The fact that number two has happened before. With the same kid last year.

4.) Realizing that I wore the same (men's) sweater four days in a row because it was so comfy. pictured above

5.) Having my physical therapist tell me that she had a seventy year old patient who has better neck mobility then me.

6.) Having my mom read portions of her journal from around the time she met my dad to me.

7.) Spending Saturday night with a bunch of strangers and not knowing what to say or do.

8.) Awkward mumbled conversations with my massage therapist during my massage.


1.) Calling my aunt spur of the moment and singing some old song to her way off key with my mom.

2.) Finally finished cleaning up my sewing room and setting it up.

3.) Finishing my first official refashioning project.

4.) Getting massages three times a week at the chiropractor.

5.) The fall colors are at the perfect stage right now.

6.) Being told that at the end of this week ill be a fourth a way done with school for the year.

7.) Getting my herpts appliance off. One more step towards freedom from braces.


  1. Sounds like you got your hands full with the kids you babysit! Guys clothes are wayyyyyy more comfy then girls...I wear my dads old T's all the time (kinda weird..yeah...) Lol. Your awkward picture is actually really cute...just saying ;)

    Blessings, Primrose

    1. Haha he's the best. Omigoodness I know! I wear my dads tshirts too! Aw, thanks :P

  2. Hey Natalia, I tried emailing you at the email address you gave me and it kept on telling me that it didn't work...soooo... could you give it to me again...maybe you missed spelled some part of it or something? :) Thanks! I would love to email with you!

    Blessings, Primrose

    1. Hmmm...it didn't work again...it keeps saying that the email address does not exist. I don't understand whats going on. I will try it again tomorrow ;)

    2. Hmm maybe you can give me yours and ill email you?(:

  3. your blog is amazing :)
    I love it!


  4. I love this. Awkward and awesome posts are the best. :)