What's "Being Yourself"?

We all say we want to be different.
We want to be outside the mainstream.
Everyone says we don't want to change ourselves for the world.
We all want to be different.
But we're all being different the same way.
That's not unique.
That's not original.
It's almost as if "original" and "being yourself" is the new trend.
We all look the same as we're being "ourselves".

I think the reason why we do this is because we don't know who we are yet.
We don't know what our style is.
We see a style we like, we try it out.
We like a trend, we imitate it.
We admire and look up to someone so we copy them.
But I think this is a good thing.
To a certain degree of course.

We're experimenting, we're creating our own style.
As we dabble in different trends, and hobbies we'll soon create our own balance.
And everyone will end up a little different.
We find out what we like, what feels right, what fits right for us.

But be careful as you dabble in the trends of today.
Because it will be thrown into the collaboration you become.
Maybe a lot, or perhaps just a little bit, hardly noticeable.
But it'll still be there.

So go dabble, go experiment.
All the while you're becoming your own original person,
A collaboration of everything you love and are and tried.

Much love.

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