It just wouldn't of been right NOT to...

    So recently I felt like I should add to my nail polish collection, which consists of mostly pinks, reds, and corals :P. Not because of me, but because my mom and lil sis like those colors. So we went shopping and I saw these and I just had to have them so I did. And really it wouldn't be right not to get them ;)
Yes I take pictures of nail polish :P My siblings aren't exactly the most enthused models :/

Today I went to the parade, and I didn't get any pictures, beecccaaauussssee I was to busy getting candy ;) . I figured I should enjoy my last day to eat chewy candy, because tomorrow I'm getting braces :P
 My aunt (who happens to be one of the best cooks in the WORLD) is making the "Worlds Best Soft Pretzels" :D and I'm super duper excited!!! Yes there will be pictures so you can all be jealous of me ;)
Anywho I'll write more later


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