Random Ramblings

Okay so here is my promised post :)

1. I have watched a LOT of soccer this week.
 -My brother has had three soccer games this week
Yep that's him with the tongue hanging out ;)

-And our friend Diego had a soccer game last weekend

1. I've painted my nails like three times! Thanks to my friend Maggie who got me addicted to Nail Art :P
Tutorial for Leopard print

Tutorial  for the Water Marbling

2. Today we went to a outlet mall nearby 
with our Spanish friends :) and came home to 
find this:

Somebody left the door open and our dogs went in and
found a trash bag full of trash :P

3. My newest addiction is Pinterest 
(btw I wouldn't mind followers). 
Here are some of my faves:
Isn't this cute?! Pinned here

I want some of these. Pinned here

I want one, or two or three :D Pinned here

Love, love, LOVE! Pinned here

Okay that's enough for now. I gotta go catch some zzz's. My aunt and uncle are coming tomorrow and I plan to have a great rest of the labor day weekend :D Have a great weekend :)


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