Drivin' Round Town

this may not be my town, but it'll do for now
'til i figure out who i am, where i'm goin' 
wide open - jason aldean

This house makes me smile.

Almost fair week!

I don't know why, but I really like taking pictures of my converse..

Yesterday mom and I went to town to run a few errands in this sweltering heat. I had my camera with me so when we left for town I just took that along. I snapped a few pictures on our way to town aha.

I like this place where I live. I struggle with the desire to move away and go exploring and adventuring a lot. But since I can't right now and we're here for the time being I can honestly say, I like it. It took a bit of an adjustement moving from Indianapolis to here.. I've gotten used to it and I really like the backroads and the little itty bit of 'small town' vibe that we all get here.

It brings out the country|southern side of me. Especially in the summer, I don't know what it is.. Maybe it's the sun shining, fair season, babysitting for farmers and listening to country music all day? I don't know but I really really like that feeling. It's a happy feeling. It's a simple happiness, and if you know me well enough you'll know I crave simplicity.

Anywho, enough with my ramblings.. How's ya'lls week been?

Much love.


  1. these are gorgeous. And I know - converse are so photogenic :)