my weekend thus far

Saturday was an awesome saturday. I woke up late, wore pj's for the majority of the morning. Slept from 12-4  -It was a lovely, much needed nap- ate grilled steaks courtesy of my dad, then we all went outside and played volleyball then took a short walk in the neighboring graveyard. As we walked and talked we decided we would play hide-n-seek in the graveyard like old times. After a few rounds, fireworks started exploding around us. Dad had a brilliant idea so we climbed onto our roof for a better view of the fireworks. So there we stayed for a while, enjoying the much cooler weather, the view and eachother. Then we remembered about our pumpkin pie, lemon sponge pie and peanut butter pie awaiting us inside the house. We all scrambled down as safely as we could and went inside to eat our pie and celebrate that none of us were injured while adventuring the highest peaks of our house. What did you do yesterday?

Today we had some friends over for a bible study and now we are all just sitting around eagerly awaiting 1:30 when the Euro 2012 champion game begins. Lets go Spain! I dont know what the rest of the plans are for today but I have a feeling it will be a good day. How's your weekend going?

Much love.

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