I'll Smile

"some say with age that a purpose comes clear
i see the opposite happening here
are we losing the fight?
are we growing backward in time?"
- the avett brothers

Today I was looking over some pictures that never made it into my "Photography Folder 2012" and yet I couldn't muster up the courage to push the delete button. With all these pictures there is something a little 'off' with. Blurry, no subject, mis-focused, over-saturated, or maybe grainy. Yet there's something about these pictures that makes it difficult- even impossible to part with them. Maybe it's the memory that flashes through your mind while looking at the photo. Perhaps it's the feeling or emotion that drifts over you as you glance at the 'mistake' picture. It's almost like I have a bond with all my photos- as odd as that may sound. So into a new folder they go.. The "Undeletables" and there they shall stay until someday I stumble across them again. I'll remember those happy moments again and feel those warm, fuzzy emotions all over again. And I'll smile.

Much love - Talia

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