Summer Plans

I haven't had time to even think about summer let alone stop and plan what I'd like to do. But somehow along the way, my summer planned itself..
My mom was just telling me what I will be doing all summer and it was like woah I knew I would be busy, but I didn't realize just how busy I'll be. 

First off, I'll be doing math and science (my least favorite subjects) all summer. I'll also have my usual weekly guitar lessons. Then starting on the 11th I'll be babysitting for the same lil dude I have for the past three years. BUT it will be four days a week, instead of the normal two. I'm looking forward to it, but it'll make my schedule hectic! 

Another thing I'm looking forward to is fair. I love fair, like adore would be a better word. I could gush about it for paragraphs and paragraphs but I'll spare you the torture (how nice of me, I know, I know) and like every year I babysit for the lil dude while his family is showing animals. So fair week, I literally live at the fairgrounds (not complaining about that) 

With fair comes 4-H, and this year I'm doing two photography boards, and one salon print. Along with this, I have to go to a week of photo shoots next week. Not only do i start babysitting full time next week, have photoshoots all week, I also have tennis camp. And in July I'll have volleyball camp.

For me, during the school year I think of my summer as my time of freedom so I'll be mentally making a list of ALL the things I'll do "in the summertime". Sadly, from what I see I'm going to have other more important priorities, and my lovely list shall be trashed. But, knowing me, I'll still try to squeeze in some of my "summer goals" into my busy schedule.

Some of my goals this summer are..
1.) Get super good at the guitar
2.) Finish purging my bedroom and decorate it (I moved in a year ago, and still havent put up a single decoration)
3.) Get good at self portraits with the self-timer and tripod
4.) Take amazing pictures of the fair this year (Last year i was to busy riding the rides and being lazy to take pictures #SadMoment)
5.) Graduate 10th year science and math (grrr!)
6.) Start blogging more regularly (I got an app for my iPad so hopefully it'll be more practical for me to post)
7.) Buy an iPod touch and take more candid shots of my lil dude

The list goes on and on and on, but I'm getting lazy so that's all for now. So, I'll leave you with a picture

Much love,


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